Croatian Political Science Review, Vol.49 No.5

Publication Date: March 2013.
Table of contents Full text
Conflicting Memories, Competing Narratives and Contested Histories in Croatia’s Post-war Commemorative Practices (str.7-31) Englishpdf 140 KB
Tamara Banjeglav Original scientific paper
Transitional Justice in Tunisia: Negotiating Justice during Transition (str.32-49) Englishpdf 117 KB
Christopher K. Lamont, Héla Boujneh Original scientific paper
What’s the Story? Transitional Justice and the Creation of Historical Narratives in Croatia and Serbia (str.50-68) Englishpdf 120 KB
Ana Ljubojević Original scientific paper
The Absent Socioeconomic Cleavage in Croatia: a genericcialis-cheaprxstore Failure of Representative Democracy? (str.69-88) Englishpdf 133 KB
Danijela Dolenec Original scientific paper
Framing of the President: Newspaper Coverage of Milan Bandić and Ivo Josipović in the Presidential Elections in Croatia in 2010 (str.89-113) Englishpdf 130 KB
Marijana Grbeša Original scientific paper
Political Representation: Subjects, Contents and Agents (str.114-137) Englishpdf 130 KB
Daniela Širinić Review article
The Limits of the Political: Transcendent Passions and Carl Schmitt’s Failure in Providing a Theory of Political Stability (str.138-156) Englishpdf 122 KB
Hrvoje Cvijanović Original scientific paper
Mieczysław P. Boduszyński: Regime Change in the Yugoslav Successor States:Divergent Paths Toward a New Europe (str.159-161) Englishpdf 80 KB am i to young to take viagra
Dejan Jović Book Review
Darko Karačić, Tamara Banjeglav and Nataša Govedarica: Re:vizija prošlosti:Politike sjećanja u Bosni i Hercegovini, Hrvatskoj i Srbiji od 1990. godine (str.161-164) Englishpdf 79 KB
Vjeran Pavlaković Book Review
Véronique Pin-Fat: Universality, Ethics and International Relations:a Grammatical Reading (str.164-166) Englishpdf 75 KB
Petar Popović pharmacyonline-bestcheap Book Review
Jon Meacham: Thomas Jefferson:The Art of Power generic viagra online (str.166-168) Englishpdf 75 KB
Višeslav Raos Book Review