A Quest for the Basis of Social Cohesion Today

Original scientific paper

Vladimir Vujčić ; Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Fulltext: pdf (299 KB), Croatian, Pages 59 – 76

Abstracts Author tries to analyze possible sources for social cohesion in the realm of social pluralism. Analysis has shown that contemporary theories of justice do not provide sufficient explanatory potential. This argument is based on theories of communitarianism and others such as Taylor, Sandel, MacIntyre and Mouffe. Moral as a social problem should be contextualized and not perceived on its own. This means that without a certain notion of political community such as the one based on national identity, social cohesion is neither possible nor sustainable. With this argument it becomes clear that the terminology taken from the position of rights or needs of citizens does not represent a possible source of social cohesion.

Keywords Social Cohesion; Communitarianism; National Identity; Identity; Contemporary Political Community