Božo Kovačević ; College of International Relations and Diplomacy Dag Hammarskjöld, Zagreb, Croatia

Fulltext: pdf (329 KB), Croatian, Pages 76 – 100

ICT industry has decisive impact on the articulation of American national interests
in cyberspace. The private sector presents itself as a guardian of privacy
rights against criminal intrusions and possible government’s misuse. But
in reality certain initiatives for closer cooperation between private sector and
government at the expense of privacy rights have come from ICT industry.
This article presents the evolution of public-private partnership in cybersecurity
issues. The partnership resulted in the establishment of a military-cyber-
industrial complex which significantly influenced the drafting of CISPA
and ACTA documents. Presidential Policy Directive 20 expresses to a much
greater extent the interests of ICT industry than the values and purposes of International
Strategy for Cyberspace.

Public-Private Partnership; Cybersecurity; Strategy; Military-Cyber-Industrial Complex; Inflation of Threat