‘Ante Marković’s Political Party’: Alliance of Reform Forces of Yugoslavia – Foundation, Programme and 1990 Elections

Review article

Vladimir Filipović ; Libertas međunarodno sveučilište, Zagreb

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The article follows the political party Alliance of Reform Forces of Yugoslavia,‎ founded in July 1990 by the last president of the Federal Executive‎ Council of Yugoslavia, Ante Marković. The party was a political action by‎ which Ante Marković wanted to capitalize his own popularity and gain political‎ legitimacy in a democratic system. Article presents the activities and organization‎ of the party from its establishment to participation in the elections‎ in the four Yugoslav republics in 1990 – Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro‎ and Macedonia. Attention is paid to the most important aspects of the‎ party’s program – the market economy and the preservation of the Yugoslav‎ state. At the same time, the article analyses the criticism directed at the party‎ by various political opponents throughout Yugoslavia. Furthermore, the article‎ analyses the unsuccessful participation of the Alliance of Reform Forces‎ of Yugoslavia in the first democratic elections in 1990. It is concluded that‎ the party failed in its activities with regard to approaching the lower classes‎ of society and achieving a significant electoral result against national parties.‎ For the purpose of this article available scientific and memoir literature and‎ extensive newspaper sources were used.‎

Ante Marković; Alliance of Reform Forces of Yugoslavia; 1990 Elections; Reforms; Breakup of Yugoslavia

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