Between Completing a Formality and Facilitating Democracy: Public and Civil Servants’ Attitudes Towards E-Consultations in Croatia

Original scientific paper

Petra Đurman ; Pravni fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu

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Citizens’ involvement in the regulatory process has become a very prominent‎ issue in administrative science and practice. Despite growing and more refined‎ interest in the topic, the complex issue of public participation effectiveness‎ still preoccupies scholars. The existing research generally recognizes the‎ desirability to recognize the perspectives of different actors involved in the‎ participatory process. It also points at the existence of various actors’ perceptions‎ with regard to participation effectiveness. Public consultations represent‎ a common instrument of administrative participation. In Croatia, public‎ consultations (e-consultations since 2013) represent a rather novel instrument‎ for involving the public in the regulatory process, which has not undergone‎ wide scientific analysis. The purpose of this paper is to explore the attitudes‎ of two main categories of actors involved in e-consultations – civil servants‎ and interested public (participants) – in order to answer the research question‎ regarding the existence of different perceptions of e-consultations effectiveness.‎ Research findings, obtained by means of questionnaires and interviews,‎ suggest that civil servants’ and participants’ attitudes significantly differ in the‎ evaluation of public influence as well as in the detection of the main problems‎ related to e-consultations implementation, while the perceptions of the main‎ purposes of e-consultations vary only moderately.‎

E-consultations; Civil Servants; Interested Public (Participants); Attitudes, Croatia

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