Case Study in Comparative Politics

Original scientific paper

Nikolina Jožanc ; Fakultet političkih znanosti, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

Fulltext: pdf (317 KB), Croatian, Pages 35 – 58

Paradoxical status of case studies in social sciences is particularly evident in comparative politics, where theoretical relevance of a case study method is repeatedly undermined despite the overwhelming amount of empirical research that employs it. For this reason, the paper explores under which conditions a single case study can be defined as a method of comparative politics, as well as its specific strengths and weaknesses for theory development in comparative politics. The first part of the paper tries to clarify definitional disputes which contribute to unjustifiable dismissals of case study as a comparative method. The second part examines in more detail the potential contribution of case studies in accomplishing the goals of comparative research. Arguments put forward in both parts of the paper point to positive evaluation of case study as a legitimate method of comparative politics.

Case Study; Comparative Politics; Qualitative Methods; Research Goals; Theory Building