Coercive Engineered Migrations as a Tool of Hybrid Warfare: A Binary Comparison of Two Cases on the External EU Border

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Janko Bekić ; Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia

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str. 141-169



In the first part of the paper the author gives an overview of the terminology,‎ definition and theory of hybrid warfare, a concept simultaneously disputed in‎ the academic community and firmly established among the decision-making‎ elites of NATO and the EU. The second part is dedicated to a specific aspect ‎or tool of hybrid warfare – coercive engineered migrations. Through a binary‎ comparison of different cases with a similar outcome on the EU’s external‎ border – Greece-Turkey in 2020 and Poland-Belarus in 2021 – the author‎ determines the internal and external requirements for a successful defense ‎against migrations weaponized by a hostile neighboring state.‎

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Hybrid Warfare, Coercive Engineered Migrations, European Union, Greece, Poland

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