Construction of the Geopolitical Space of the Geopolitics of the Sea in the Context of Establishing the International Legal Framework

Original scientific paper

Ado Kulović ; Center for International Politics, Sarajevo

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This paper aims at defining the concept of “geopolitical space of the geopolitics of the Sea” and it analyses the way it is constructed. Given that the notion of geopolitical space in the general sense has been largely neglected in contemporary geopolitical theory, this is not a simple task. The paper deals with a physical space of the World Sea and utilizes the theory of modern human geography in which space is understood as a product of human activity. We argue that there is a significant connection between geopolitics of the Sea and the academic discipline of the International Law of the Sea. This link is taken as the basis for the discussion regarding geopolitical space, which encompasses three teleological elements: the fulfillment of the paper’s main objective; the argument regarding the connection of Geopolitics of the Sea with the International Law; and, finally, presenting the political science context of the codification of the modern International Law of the Sea. By using earlier studies, the paper analyses the geopolitical space through ideas of construction within dichotomy, as well as through the process of establishing a community within the international framework. The paper also offers our own theory according to which the geopolitical space is the space of manifestation of geopolitical phenomena.

Geopolitics, Geopolitics of the Sea, Geopolitical Space, World Ocean, International Law of the Sea

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