Contemporary geopolitics of the Sea: Case of Croatia

Original scientific paper Ado Kulović ; Centar za međunarodnu politiku, Sarajevo

Fulltext: bosnian, pdf (477 KB) pages 7-34 cite

Abstracts This paper consists of two parts. The first part deals with the term “Geopolitics of the Sea” and it relies on relevant literature written by authors prominent in the field of geopolitical theories. The term is

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therefore introduced and defined in order to enhance its theoretical and disciplinary credibility. Interlinked with the essence of that discussion, this part further addresses: phenomena, geographic scale, subjects, and the relation of Geopolitics of the Sea to concomitant disciplines. Special emphasis is placed on the contemporary meaning of the term, given that contemporary geopolitics is scientifically established and that the general significance of the Sea is increasingly pronounced. The second part of the paper is an experiment i n which – based on the findings presented in the first part, but also by introducing new theoretical notions – the Republic of Croatia is analysed as a subject of Geopolitics of the Sea. Maritime boundary disputes are recognised as the basic “cognitive pillar” of this country’s Geopolitics of the Sea. Additionally, recent geopolitical activities are analysed by utilising the methodology of the “three-fold typology of geopolitical reasoning” from Critical Geopolitics. The paper also addresses Croatian geopolitical identity in relation to the Sea. Finally, the second part of the paper is focussed on Croatian identity as both EU and maritime country.

Keywords Geopolitics; Contemporary Geopolitical Theory; Geopolitics of the Sea; Republic of Croatia; Adriatic Sea;