Croatian Political Science Review, Vol.46 No.5

Publication Date: May 2010.
Table of contents Full text
Introductory Note (str.5-6) Englishpdf 68 KB
Michael Kümmel
How Not to Defend Your Tradition of Higher Education (str.9-20) Englishpdf 97 KB
Zoran Kurelić
Original scientific paper
Higher Education Reform in Search of Bologna (str.21-38) Englishpdf 114 KB
Siniša Rodin
Review article
The Europeanization of Croatia’s Security Discourse (str.39-53) Englishpdf 104 KB
Damir Grubiša
Original scientific paper
Policy Analysis and Croatian Public Administration: The Problem of Formulating Public Policy (str.54-74) Englishpdf 122 KB
Zdravko Petak, Ana Petek
Original scientific paper
The Europeanization of Asylum Policy: From Sovereignty via Harmony to Unity (str.75-101) Englishpdf 135 KB
Goranka Lalić Novak, Ivan Padjen
Review article
Administrative Reforms in Post-Communist Countries: Similarities and Differences (str.105-120) Englishpdf 109 KB
Petra Goran
Review article
The Transformation of Terrorism and New Strategies (str.121-139) Englishpdf 114 KB
Vlatko Cvrtila, Anita Perešin
Original scientific paper
‘Mapping’ the ‘Other’ in Television News on International Affairs: BBC’s ‘Pre-Accession’ Coverage of EU Membership Candidate Croatia (str.140-170) Englishpdf 478 KB
Zlatan Krajina
Original scientific paper
The European Union, South-Eastern Europe and the Europeanization of Croatia (str.171-180) Englishpdf 91 KB
Branko Caratan
Conference paper
No Policy on the Horizon? Europeanization and Regional Policy in Croatia (str.181-209) Englishpdf 145 KB
Marko Trnski
Preliminary communication