Croatian Political Science Review, Vol.47 No.5

Publication Date: May 2011.
Table of contents Full text
Managing Crisis in the Eurozone (str.7-26) Englishpdf 128 KB
Luka Brkić, Kristijan Kotarski Original scientific paper
How is Democracy Applied within the EU: Combining Elements of Traditional and Innovative Democratic Practice (str.27-43) Englishpdf 109 KB
Hrvoje Butković Original scientific paper
Problems of Early Post-Communist Transition Theory: From Transition from to Transition to (str.44-68) Englishpdf 139 KB
Dejan Jović Original scientific paper
Anti-corruption Policy in Croatia: Benchmark for EU Accession (str.69-95) Englishpdf 140 KB
Damir Grubiša Original scientific paper
Europeanization of Croatian Political Parties (str.96-116) Englishpdf 122 KB
Bojana Klepač Pogrmilović Review article
Institutional Reform of the Croatian Local Government: From Cabinets to Directly Elected Mayors and County Governors (str.117-143) Englishpdf 136 KB
Robert Podolnjak Original scientific paper
Europeanisation through the Back Door: EU Social Policy and the Member States (str.144-158) Englishpdf 110 KB
Pekka Kettunen, Corinna Wolff Review article
Forms of Government in the Renaissance: Uniqueness of the Dubrovnik Model (str.161-178) Englishpdf 118 KB
Damir Grubiša Original scientific paper
Dubrovnik Republicanism and its Ideologues (str.179-200) Englishpdf 131 KB
Marinko Šišak Review article
Srećko Horvat, Igor Štiks: Pravo na pobunu (The Right of Rebellion) (str.203-206) Englishpdf 77 KB
Zoran Kurelić Book Review
Slavoj Žižek: Druga smrt neoliberalizma (First as Tragedy, Then as Farce) (str.207-211) Englishpdf 82 KB
Zoran Kurelić Book Review
Raul Raunić: Filozofija politike Johna Lockea (Political Philosophy of John Locke) (str.212-214) Englishpdf 73 KB
Enes Kulenović Book Review