Croatian Political Science Review, Vol. 58 No. 2, 2021

Table of contents Full text
The Transformation of Normative Approaches to Journalism in Croatian Academic Literature from Socialism to Post-Socialism (str.7-32) englishpdf 352 KB
Dina Vozab, Dunja Majstorović
Original scientific paper
Breaking the Glas s Ceiling: the Role of the UN and the EU in Promoting Women in Politics (str.33-63) englishpdf 334 KB
Ružica Jakešević, Đana Luša
Review article
Editors’ Note (str.67-69) englishpdf 218 KB
Robert Mikac, Đana Luša
A Comparison of Democratic Transformations of Tunisia and Indonesia: Lessons Learned (str.70-91) englishpdf 350 KB
Borna Zgurić
Review article
Media Ecosystems and the Fact-Checking Movement: a Comparison of Trends in the EU and ASEAN (str.92-112) englishpdf 313 KB
Marija Slijepčević, Mirela Holy, Nikolina Borčić
Preliminary communication
The Use of Soft Power in Digital Public Diplomacy: the Cases of Brazil and India in the EU (str.113-140) englishpdf 455 KB
Lidija Kos-Stanišić, Viktorija Car
Preliminary communication
On the Brink of Post-Democracy: Indonesia’s Identity Politics in the Post-Truth Era (str.141-159) englishpdf 254 KB
Made Yaya Sawitri, I Nyoman Wiratmaja
Review article
The Image of Geolocations in a Virtual Environment: the Case Studies of Indonesia and Croatia on Google Trends (str.160-183) englishpdf 406 KB
Marta Zorko, Hrvoje Jakopović, Ivana Cesarec
Preliminary communication