Divided by Poverty and Social Exclusion – Roma and Persons with Disabilities in Serbia

Original scientific paper

Natalija Perišić ; University of Belgrade
Jelena Vidojević ; University of Belgrade

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Poverty and social exclusion are among the most persistent social challenges in Serbian society and some of the most prominent determinants of divisions nationwide. Progress in reducing poverty and social exclusion from 2002-2007 has been largely reversed by the aggravation of the economic situation since 2009. This aggravation is multidimensional and refers to financial deprivation, as well as employment, education and health indicators. This article focuses on the Roma population and persons with disabilities, two of the most disadvantaged groups within Serbian society. Their educational attainments, (un)employment rates, health, housing situation, and consequent poverty and social exclusion are presented within the context of state measures aimed at improving their position. The available data suggest that there are numerous shortcomings in the policies directed towards Roma and persons with disabilities, especially but not only in their implementation. One of the reasons for the failure of the full implementation of adopted measures is the presence of discriminatory attitudes towards these two groups.

Poverty; Social Exclusion; Discrimination; Poverty; Roma; Persons with Disabilities