Franjo Tuđman and Croatian parties of right

Original scientific paper

Velimir Veselinović ; Fakultet političkih znanosti, Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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Based on the archive materials, press analysis and relevant literature review, the author reconstructs the relationship between Franjo Tuđman and far right political parties in Croatia. The main argument is that the relationship between Tuđman and HSP (leading far right party) had two phases of development. Throughout the first phase (1990-1993) there was radical critique directed towards Tuđman and his government. Tuđman on the other hand never approved of the fact that HSP was using Ustaše symbols and myths to gain popularity. The beginning of the second phase was marked by the change in HSP leadership. Throughout the second phase HSP was less critical about Tuđman and the state leadership. Tuđman on the other hand tolerated HSP and its political activity.

Franjo Tuđman; Croatian Party of Right; Dobroslav Paraga; Ante Paradzik; Anto Dapic;