Inequality of Wages in Croatia from 2003 to 2016

Original scientific paper

Ivo Bićanić ; Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb
Željko Ivanković ; Portal
Matija Kroflin ; Independent Union of Research and Higher Education Employees of Croatia

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In the paper the authors address three research topics. First, the authors show that inequality of the distribution of gross and net wages in Croatia has increased during the period examined in this paper, thus showing that the First stylized fact about the increase of inequality recognized in the literature is present in Croatia. Second, they show the same is true for the Second stylized fact that concerns changes in the top end of the distribution. Third, that the changes in the Atkinson index and the relationships of the top and bottom tails of the distribution also conform to the stylized facts. The analysis in the paper is limited to changes in the inequality of the distribution of net (take home) and gross wages in Croatia after 2000. Inequality is measured by standard measures of economic inequality. The analysis of the paper contributes to the relatively poor understanding of levels and changes in economic inequality in Croatia generally and wage inequality specifically.

Inequality; Wages and Salaries; Gini Coefficient; Atkinson Index; Income

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