Market and the City: Symbiosis Between an Enterprise and a Municipality in Yugoslavia – the Case of Construction Enterprise GK Međimurje From Čakovec (1963-1981)

Original scientific paper

Saša Vejzagić ; European University Institute, Firenca

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The article traces the expansion of a Čakovec-based construction enterprise Građevni kombinat Međimurje from its formation in the 1960s until it reached the peak of its business growth at the very end of the 1970s. On one hand, it is a compelling history of technocracy, entrepreneurship, and business development in a deregulated semi-planned economy. On the other, it is the story of the modernisation of Yugoslav agricultural periphery and the transformative experience of a provincial city on the fringes of Belgrade’s or Zagreb’s political interests. Among other things, the research underlines some of the most relevant characteristics related to the formation of large business systems in self-management. It scrutinises the relations and interactions between business and politics on a local level. Indirectly, the article questions the success of the market reform in Yugoslavia and seeks the boundary between the company and the Party.

GK Međimurje; Čakovec; Yugoslavia; Business History; Self- Management

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