Mobilizing Structure of War Veterans’ Movement in Croatia: Social Movement Organizations and Membership

Original scientific paper

Dragan Bagić ; Faculty of humanities and social sciences, University of Zagreb
Kruno Kardov ; Faculty of humanities and social sciences, University of Zagreb
Mislav Škacan

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The paper explores organizing dynamics of Croatian war veterans and the key attributes of membership in veterans’ organizations. We use data from the Register of associations of the Republic of Croatia for the period 1991-2014, as well as data from 2015 survey research on sociodemographic profile, veterans’ identity and political preferences of members of veterans’ organizations. The results show that membership of veterans’ organizations is determined by the war experience, socio-demographic and political factors. Veterans’ organizations are predominantly local in nature, and the key internal divisions are based on victimization and the status of volunteer. Members and non-members of veterans’ organizations significantly differ in political orientations. Members of war veterans organizations are more oriented towards the right side of the political spectrum, indicating that on certain occasions veterans’ organizations could direct the collective action of war veterans in support of right-wing political parties and candidates in the political arena. The paper discusses insights on associational density, differences between members and non-members of veterans’ organizations as well as patterns and cycles of veterans’ organizing.

Croatian War Veterans; Veterans’ Movement; Social Movement Organizations; Political Preferences; Veterans’ Identity

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