Piketty’s Fiscal Solution to Social Inequality – From Statistical Analysis to the Ideology

Review article

Ivor Altaras Penda ; Libertas University, Zagreb, Croatia

Fulltext: pdf (331 KB), Croatian, Pages 161 – 184 

In this paper, the author presents and argues the thesis that Thomas Piketty’s fiscal solution to social inequality, presented in the book Capital of the 21st Century, is primarily the result of worldviews of the author of the book, and only to a lesser extent the result of the economical and statistical analysis of a large number of data series, which makes this book extremely important in the professional community. In addition, the author provides a number of possible different (and even opposite) solution models that would, in the context of Piketty’s arguments presented in the book, have the same effect, but would approach the social reality in a very different way. Finally, the author finds that the wealth of options that can be accessed on the topic of social inequality is the indication of its relevance.

Thomas Piketty; Inequality; Wealth; Taxes; Welfare State