Review article

Marko Kovačić ; Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Fulltext: pdf (312 KB), Croatian, Pages 39 – 55

The author gives an overview of political sociology as a (sub)discipline of
modern political science, with special reference to Croatia. The paper consists
of three parts. In the first part the method and the development of modern political
sociology is given by putting special emphasis on the eclectic nature of
the (sub)discipline. The second part is dedicated to the bibliometric analysis
with respect to the subject matter of political sociology of three journals relevant
to political science in Croatia, namely Politička misao, Anali Hrvatskog
politološkog društva and Suvremene teme. The analysis results show an
extremely small number of papers in the field of political sociology in all
three journals, as well as the uneven distribution of topics within the subject
of political sociology. The third and final part of the paper compares Croatian
experiences in the field of political sociology with international trends and
other political science (sub)disciplines. The author concludes that the Croatian
political sociology is underdeveloped and inconsistent with the topics of
political sociologies in other countries.

Political Sociology; Political Science; Politička misao; Anali Hrvatskog politološkog društva; Suvremene teme