Politička misao, Vol.51 No.5

Table of contents Full text
Introduction: Symbolic Nation-building and Collective Identities in Post-Yugoslav States (str.7-12) Englishpdf 244 KB
Vjeran Pavlaković
A Model for Comparative Collective Memory Studies: Regime Types, Cultural Traditions, and Difficult Histories (str.13-35) Englishpdf 426 KB
Mark A. Wolfgram
Original scientific paper
Building the Capital City of the Peoples of Yugoslavia: Representations of Socialist Yugoslavism in Belgrade’s Public Space 1944-1961 (str.36-57) Englishpdf 283 KB
Marco Abram
Original scientific paper
Nation-building in Franjo Tuđman’s Political Writings (str.58-79) Englishpdf 320 KB
Stevo Đurašković
Original scientific paper
To Share or to Keep: The Afterlife of Yugoslavia’s Heritage and the Contemporary Heritage Management Practices (str.80-104) Englishpdf 309 KB
Marija Jauković
Original scientific paper
War Monuments: Instruments of Nation-building in Bosnia and Herzegovina (str.105-126) Englishpdf 279 KB
Anida Sokol
Original scientific paper
An Integrative Symbol for a Divided Country? Commemorating the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the 1992-1995 War until Today (str.127-156) Englishpdf 304 KB
Nicolas Moll
Original scientific paper
When Skanderbeg Meets Clinton: Cultural Landscape and Commemorative Strategies in Postwar Kosovo (str.157-173) Englishpdf 265 KB
Denis S. Ermolin
Review article