Protest Event Dataset for Croatia, Portugal, Serbia and Spain: Focus on Strike Data

Preliminary communication

Danijela Dolenec ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb
Ana Balković ; Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Faculty of Political Sciences Zagreb
Karlo Kralj ; Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, Italy
Daniela Širinić ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb
Eduardo Romanos ; Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Tiago Fernandes ; University Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal.

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‘Disobedient Democracy: A Comparative Analysis of Contentious Politics in the European Semi-periphery’ is a research project implemented by the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb, in the period 2016-2021, led by Principal Investigator Danijela Dolenec and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (IZ11Z0_166540 – PROMYS). The overall objective of the project is to explore how protest politics advances democracy by collecting and analyzing data on protest mobilizations in four countries: Portugal, Spain, Croatia and Serbia.‎

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