Original scientific paper Dejan Stjepanović ; School of Sociology, viagra online University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland Fulltext: pdf (340 KB), Croatian, Pages 141 – 163

Abstracts This article deals with the issues of self-determination and multiethnic regionalisms in Dalmatia, Istria and Vojvodina – historic regions of today’s Croatia and Serbia. The main aim is to explain the outcomes of regionalisms since 1990. The article analyses three admission in pharmacy in canada important elements of regionalist mobilisation – the use of historiography, regional economic specificities and intergroup relations. Particular constellations of self-determination claims based on plurinational and multinational principles in the cases of Istria and Vojvodina

respectively are the key theoretical contribution of the article. The article also finds that pharmacy assistant jobs ontario canada the lack of success of Dalmatian regionalism is largely due to the inability of regionalist parties to address multiple cleavages on the territory of Dalmatia.

Keywords Self-Determination; Regionalism; Dalmatia; sildenafil citrate Istria; Vojvodina