The Controversial Commemoration: Transnational Approaches to Remembering Bleiburg

Original scientific paper

Vjeran Pavlaković   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Dario Brentin ; Centre for Southeast European Studies, University of Graz, Austria
Davor Pauković   ORCID icon ; Department of Communication, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia

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This article provides an overview on some of the key issues related to the Bleiburg commemoration and more broadly the cultural memory of Partisan crimes at the end of the Second World War. Drawing upon four years of fieldwork, media analysis, and recent historiographical debates, the authors take a transnational approach in examining why Bleiburg remains one of the most controversial commemorations not just in Croatia but in the region. The article focuses on historical narratives in the commemorative speeches, the role of space in shaping memory politics, symbols and monuments present at Bleiburg Field, and the broader context of how Austrian politics affects the commemoration and its public perception.

Bleiburg; Commemorations; Second World War; Victims of Communism; Symbols

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