The Croatian Princes: Power, Politics and Vision (1990-2011)

Original scientific paper

Enes Kulenović ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb
Krešimir Petković   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb

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The paper utilizes Machiavelli’s insight into the nature of core political goals – winning state power, maintaining state power and achieving political vision – by applying it in the context of Croatian politics from independence to 2011. The scope of the research covers four periods: the Tuđman era (1990-2000), Račan’s governments (2000-2003), Sanader’s governments (2003-2009) and Kosor’s government (2009-2011). In each of these cases we ask how the ruling elite got into power, how they maintained and lost power, and what political vision they achieved. The goal of the study is to understand the interplay between ideological, economic, institutional and tactical aspects of political power and its transformation within the Croatian context.

Machiavelli; Power; Politics; Vision; Croatian Governments 1990- 2011

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