The presence of Women in political press published in Zagreb from 1920 to 1927

Review article Ivana Šubic Kovačević ; Hrvatski institut za povijest, Zagreb

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Abstracts This article analyses the Zagreb newspapers of the major political parties and the presence of women in the political sections during the time of the first parliamentary elections (1920-1927). During this period, women were actively struggling to obtain the right to vote at the elections, as well as for equality in the workplace. Women’s struggle for political rights was not recorded in Zagreb’s party press, despite its existence. The analysis of the political sections in the newspapers has shown that women were rarely mentioned, and in those instances were presented only as mothers and housewives. They were mentioned the most in the sections of Dom (48 times), and only 6 times in Radikalski glasnik and Riječ, while they were mentioned the least in Jutarnji list (5 times). Dom is the only political newspaper that presented women in its political sections in a positive light. Radikalski glasnik and Riječ had only brief mentions of women, and mostly in a negative light, while Jutarnji list, as a neutral informative party paper, had almost no mentions of women in its political sections.

Keywords Women; Parliamentary elections; The Kingdom of SHS; Dom; Political Culture;